There are approximately 50,000 homeless veterans in the United States. The statistic is a national disgrace. In surveys listing and ranking the ten highest unmet needs for homeless veterans, dental care was consistently ranked as one of their top unmet needs, along with long-term permanent housing and childcare.

Dr. Kathleen Abate has taken a stand to help meet this unmet veteran need. She has developed a very special and unique program to be funded via her Hope's Smile Foundation called The Freedom Smile Project (TFSP). The goal of TFSP is to extend her free dental care services to the homeless and disabled men and women of the US military.

"A hero is someone who steps up when everyone else backs down." 


While The Freedom Smile Project is a new focus within the Hope's Smile Foundation, the care that Dr. Abate and her staff have provided to veterans for years is not. Active military personnel and retired veterans have woefully inadequate dental coverage. Only bare minimum procedures are covered and waiting lists as long as a year for care are commonplace. In the meantime, our nation's "bravest and finest", who have sacrificed and given so much to all of us, are experiencing an epic decline in oral health. The Freedom Smile Project hopes to shine light on this dilemma by providing first class dental services to our American heroes and veterans.

Freedom is not free. Let's get our soldiers off the streets and brighten their futures by supporting The Freedom Smile Project. Your tax-deductible donation to this leg of the foundation should be made out to Hope's Smile – TFSP.  Additionally, all proceeds from purchases made from shopping at The Hopes Smile Store support this program.